SoftConsultGroup Ltd is a well-established European ITO & BPO provider. With client base all over the world and delivery center in Bulgaria we combine on-site project management with off-site technical excellence to achieve remarkable results. Since 2001 SoftConsultGroup is helping businesses make clever use of technology. Whatever we do, we make sure there is substantial business value created.
Our clients range from startups to SMEs to large international corporations. We have gained considerable experience in:

• many different technologies and software architectures;

• different project management methodologies;

• different team management techniques (small and large; centralized and distributed; local and international teams);

• high complexity and large code-base projects.
SoftConsultGroup’s three main promises:

1. We will be your partner and will act as one in good times and bad

2. We will help you design, deliver and manage better business services and create value for your business.

3. We will protect you from all the ugly mistakes that can fail a project.
We are easy to reach, open to discuss and ready to share experiences.

Contact us even if you just need to hear an unbiased opinion from an expert!

Ivaylo Ivanov



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