header_520x300_pattern_large_text_ENCertification of providers of ITO and BPO services, active in Germany. The German market for ITO and BPO services shows some singularities compared to other target markets. A high risk sensitivity, the preference for internal solutions and co-operation partners within Germany are factors that aggravate a market entry and slowdown growth at German service providers as well.

The German Outsourcing Asscoiation has entered into a co-operation with BW Business Bridge and both organizations will offer independent auditing and certification for those entering or already active on the German market for ITO and BPO services. This service will help especially German ITO/BPO users to find and evaluate suitable service providers. For service providers this service means security when entering the market, an active business support as well as avoiding investments in less effective or even negative marketing and communication methods.

Stephan Fricke, CEO of the German Outsourcing Association says: „We are very happy to find in BWBB a competent partner for the auditing and certification of service providers. We are therefore able to support our members and partners from provider side even better, but will be also able to actively support companies and professionals using ITO/BPO services to evaluate suiatble providers.“

Till Hahndorf, managing director at BWBB, adds: “The provider landscape has become too diverse for most German IT outsourcing decision makers. Foreign client references are often companies not known in Germany. A 2014 survey among the members of BWCON (Baden-Württemberg’s largest IT-industry association with 600+ members) showed that the biggest challenge for German decision makers is to generate a shortlist and evaluate the quality of foreign service providers. This certification addresses these issues with a professional quality assessment – thus supporting solid, facts-based IT outsourcing decisions.”
More information on process, and cost via the link below. The registration and pre-avaluation to attend the certification program is free of charge. >> www.outsourcing-verband.org/en/zertifizierung/

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