… your 10 topics to take care of when comparing offers form IT service providers. By Jarosław Czaja is the founder and CEO of Future Processing.

Let’s say you have an upcoming IT project and lack enough resources or knowledge in-house to do it on your own. You decide to give outsourcing, or nearshoring a chance. You may have already sent out a Request for Information (RFI) to a number of IT companies and may have even received some replies. Maybe you’ve already shortlisted suppliers whose responses look promising. What next? The time has come to compare your choices in order to pinpoint the supplier you would like to embark on your project journey with. But how do you choose them correctly?

Cost has traditionally been viewed as a very important – and for many – a deciding factor when it comes to selecting an IT outsourcing supplier. This trend, however, is changing and more and more companies are switching their focus from money alone towards other criteria.

While price is indeed still important, it should never be the sole factor. This is especially true if, rather than go for a purchaser-supplier relationship (where you provide the supplier with a list of tasks and they do the work ‘no questions asked’), you prefer a partnership approach. When talking of partnership, we mean a closer and, typically, a longer relationship, based on mutual trust with a company that supports your business goals, has an ability to transform your processes and systems, and, importantly, is proactive. Such a partner offers advice and opinion, is happy to share knowledge and has the courage to question your ideas with the best interest of your project in mind. So what, beyond cost, should you pay attention to when evaluating outsourcing companies with a view of establishing an IT partnership?

In this article, we explore 10 areas which should be considered if you want to thoroughly asses your potential IT partner and ensure you select the right one. The article in based on a tool designed by Future Processing for comparing and selecting outsourcing partners, following the Request for Information (RFI) or Request for Proposal (RFP) stage.

1. Company overall


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