We interviewed Mr. Piet Schilder, Managing Director of Execom, an IT-services company with offices in The Netherlands and in Serbia, servicing clients from Airbus till Microsoft about working mechanisms on client side, flexibility and onboarding.

Mr. Schilder, you have long years’ experiences in technology and working in the field of IT- and software services with international clients. During one of our events you were talking about the correlations between in-house and external services. Could you please share your main insights into the working mechanisms of companies on client side in the field of IT and how exactly the reduction of in-house resources towards external resources has contributed to better results for both IT and the businesses itself?

PS: There are two angles here. Firstly, the IT domain has technically become so dynamic, that companies can not simply have all relevant technologies in-house. We see at Execom that we become more and more a knowledge partner. Over the past 20 years we have developed strong expertise and best practices and built numerous solutions. So, we can give strong input on what the best technical approach for a project could be. Together with the client we choose the best solution for the job, but clearly: from simply offering hands we offer brain more and more.


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