InCrys_logo_600x500_webInCrys joins the Outsourcing Verband as Knowledge Partner and will be providing insights on project experiences and local industry news.

InCrys is Headquartered in Bucharest, Romania, with offices in Rotterdam and London and provides:

Dedicated Development Teams,
Software Development,
IT&C Infrastructure,
and IT Consulting Services

for clients in Western Europe, USA and Canada. InCrys aims to balance experience and enthusiasm in the IT and Software Development world. Now one of the leading technology companies in Eastern Europe, we started out in 2000 as a privately-owned-and-managed business. Our foresight and ongoing desire to evolve have continuously attracted partners and talent of equally bold vision throughout the past 15 years. This enabled us to mature and diversify our expertise, without compromising any of our innovation-inducing enthusiasm.

We believe in finding the project-specific best solution, by encouraging transparency and building trust. Latest technology, our active investment in our people, worldwide-compliant Agile methodologies, emerging and established programming languages, and the uniquely-creative-InCrys-touch are some of the main assets we involve in delivering state-of-the-art Software Solutions.

Contact: Dr. Andrei Sandu, CEO



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