Die international anerkannte Real Perl Foundation unterstützt Kinder aus benachteiligten Familien aktiv in schulischen und ausserschulischen Aktivitäten

Deep poverty and the segregation of the Roma population is a severe social problem in Hungary.

The Real Pearl Foundation is doing an exceptional work in supporting kids, families and communities with programs, educations, donations and every-day-life help in one of the less-favored regions in Hungary.

One of the activities the foundation is recognised nationally and internationally for is an exceptional art education to deprived children – integrating Roma and non-Roma children.

That’s why we chose the Real Pearl Foundation to support. We have been attending their programs in Hungary and we are donating regulary to the cause.

The Foundation brings the pleasure of artistic creation and the sense of achievement by winning prices on national and international drawing contests. They have the mission to show that talent is present everywhere, and great treasures are lost if these children’s potentials are not fulfilled due to their circumstance.

But they do much more.

The foundation’s activities have broadened from providing education to social services, primarily to the families of their pupils including:

  • Distributing aid (clothes, food, wood, building materials, transportation, etc);
  • Advise and assist with crises (e.g. collapsed roofs, illness or court cases) and handling authorities and official procedures;
  • Offer afternoon tutoring and summer activities for their pupils;
  • Offer courses to strengthen the basic skills (e.g. to eliminate illiteracy, or to reach secondary school level, basic information technology, cooking, hygiene housekeeping and family planning lessons, baby-mother clubs); ,
  • Establish workplaces in the area (handicraft project called ‘Szuno’ gives work for women, and the carpentry at ‘Gyöngyház’ for men, maintaining community garden and collecting and processing herbs and medical plants).

Please get in touch if you would like to know more and consider to support.

You can find detailed insightsd on the situation of Hungarian Romas in poverty in these blog articles written by the director of the Real Pearl Foundation:

Even a small amount can help the foundation to provide drawing materials, organise programs, finance the attendance on international contests and more. You can donate directly via bank transfer and paypal. Check the website and the block, wehre you can also find articles in English language.

Bank details:

Real Pearl Foundation (Igazgyöngy Alapítvány)

Bank: Hajdú Takarék Takarékszövetkezet

Account number: HU30 6060 0242 1111 3034 0000 0000

Bic code: TAKBHUHB

Tax number: 18557882-1-09

PayPal account:

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