Deutscher Outsourcing Verband has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Vojvodina ICT Cluster in Serbia. Vojvodina ICT Cluster provides a single point of contact with the best companies in Serbia, with the total workforce of 2,000+ experienced IT professionals working in our member companies. We build long-term relationships based on trust and quality, bringing expertise, experience and passion for excellence to each and every project. Vojvodina ICT Cluster is a business association founded through a bottom-up initiative of ICT companies and several supporting institutions. It is a fast-growing organization, strongest in its field in Serbia. Over 90% of the members’ businesses are tied to foreign markets – EU, North America and Middle East.

The Memorandum of understanding has the objective to establish a co-operation initiative between Outsourcing Verband (German Outsourcing Association) and Vojvodina ICT Cluster, with the view to share experiences and best practices in the area of outsourcing, and to promote business, research and technological co-operation between the members.

“Serbia is one of the emerging destinations for ICT services in Europe. With this co-operation we hope to build a sustainable exchange between the German market and the Serbian ICT industry” says Stephan Fricke, CEO of Deutscher Outsourcing Verband.

Vojvodina ICT Cluster has published an extensive report on the Serbian ICT industry, that provides facts and figures, a detailed insight into the state of the local ICT market and allows evaluation of the opportunities for co-operation with Serbian ICT service providers and consultants. You can download the report via:

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