… for Retail and Hospitality Companies. By Michael D. Mills, SVP, Call Center Solutions, CGS

Consumers today crave a seamless and interactive experience across all touchpoints, whether shopping at a retail location or checking in at a hotel. This real-time demand has driven unique advancements in next-generation technology to enable the personalized, interactive and tailored experiences that consumers expect. One example of this is mobility implementations with retailers that include mobile point-of-sale (POS) devices for faster check out on the store floor or beacon technologies for on the spot discount offers and incentives. The same technology interactions hold true in the hospitality industry that include such items as mobile check-ins, “smart” room keys and digital kiosks that enable front desk associates to improve customer service, while also boosting brand experience.

Consumer-based industries such as retail and hospitality are experiencing fast-paced, continuously evolving technology advancements in the areas of customer experience and brand loyalty. Whether it’s adapting to evolving customer experience enhancements such as the latest mobile POS system or new self-service applications – retailers or hospitality providers are never done with technology implementations and ongoing support to achieve consumer expectations and differentiate themselves from competitors.


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