We had the chance to meet with Marco Stefanini, founder and chairman of Stefanini and with Mr. Ernst Vögtle, VP Sales Management EMEA and talk about their views on the global IT service industry and the expansion to the German market.

Marco, you have a very interesting career path from a geological student to building and leading the first Brazilian global IT company with 21.000 employees in 38 countries. You were also mastering several economical and corporate crises during its 28 years existence and possess with that an experience that may give you a bit different perspective of today’s IT markets and business dynamics.

Today I would like to talk about this perspective of yours, your experiences and also some insights of the expansion of Stefanini to the German market. Let’s start with the development of the global ITO/BPO service industry, the situation today and its characteristics. Could you please give us your perspective and a couple of points that are important to you?

Firstly, If you look at the general situation of today’s ITO/BPO service industry you see that it is very fragmented and that the market situation is very competitive – not only in some markets, but everywhere, in America or in the US, in Europe or in Germany.

We also have a very diverse situation on the business side – all sorts of companies compete on the global market – besides the giant companies one finds small companies and middle sized companies too, all offering their services, widely free from country boarders and continents.

I am coming from Brazil and I think when comparing our situation with the global market the circumstances here are even more difficult. The environment, the entire business ecosystem is more hostile because of the crises, because of a high level of bureaucracy, and because of a very high cost pressure.

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