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We connect markets, foster the exchange between professionals and support with the right contacts.

Companies we know

We support specifically users/buyers to find suitable prospects and partners for ITO/BPO projects. If you have questions, please write us at:

Due to our work we often gain more insight into  to way companies work, how they are organised, their experiences, the management, processes and references.

We would like to share these insights specifically with users/buyers  in our market to support the evaluation process, to provide more transparency on the service provider landscape and to find the right partners faster.

This service has no additional cost for the companies or for the buyers. We don’t receive any finders fees or project commissions, why we can guarantee an independent evaluation.

In co-operation with BW Business Bridge we identify and certify ICT products and services for the D-A-CH markets (German, Austria, Switzerland).

The certification combines a quality audit with expert advice on German market entry or expansion. This way we remove the two biggest obstacles for German companies when trying to contract foreign providers: Assessing the quality – and identifying the right talk-to’s!

Free Business Directory – 400+ companies and contacts.

The EUBIS Directory (European Business & IT Services Directory) contains by now over 400 companies, providing IT-services, business process outsourcing and consulting.

Our partner association, -media and partner institutions

The partnerships with other national and international associations, clusters, media and institutions help us to gain better insight into local ICT industries and to build contacts with experts and companies. Therefore we are able to evaluate better the opportunities, conditions and risks for users/buyers in the D-A-CH markets.

Please contact us, if you are looking for contacts to our partners or independent contacts in other markets. We will help you to identify the right person to talk to.

Internal network and profiles

Via our internal network, corporate members have access to member profiles (not all members have a registered access and profile), can contact other members, connect to them or join our groups.

Subscription member (personal membership, free) have access to our member area with downloads, and have an own profile, can be found and contacted by other members, but can’t see other member profiles.

Open groups on and, Followers on Twitter and on Facebook

Especially via our open groups on and we offer not only members, but all visitors the opportunity to identify and connect with new contacts.

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