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Founded: 2008

No of employees: <5

Offices: Schwarzwaldstr. 3, D-78112 St. Georgen, Germany

Memberships: Deutscher Outsourcing Verband



Schwarzwaldstr. 3, D-78112 St. Georgen, Germany

Dr. Ulrich Dietz

Email: info@aproxito.de

Tel +49 7724 9159240

Web: www.aproxito.de / www.aproxito.com

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aproxito supports and advises German speaking clients on Global Sourcing & Global Shoring, from “Sourcing-Strategy”, “Supplier Selection” and “Vendor Management” to “Offshore Enabling” and “Successful Offshore Collaboration” through to intercultural questions. The Managing Director and founder of aproxito has 30+ years of professional experience in IT and software engineering, thereof 20+ years in outsourcing and offshoring both on customer and vendor side.

aproxito works onsite and offshore (nearshore and farshore) with selected partner companies and experts with special skills who have convinced aproxito about their capabilities. aproxito supports and advises their offshore partners in every way to do their business successfully in the German speaking markets and helps them find the right clients. aproxito watches the offshoring market and looks pro-actively for offshore companies with special qualification in their focused areas of expertise who convince aproxito that their capabilities, results and motivation will be successful in this specific market.

aproxito provides a reliable administrative framework and support to German clients and offshore partner companies for all performances in onsite.


Global Sourcing

Global Shoring for software, IT, engineering


Contact languages: German, English, Français

Delivery languages: Englisch, Deutsch

Industry focus



Einige Informationen zu von uns durch geführten Projekten finden Sie hier: http://aproxito.de/company


Outsourcing Journal: http://www.outsourcing-journal.org/Special-Editions/outsourcing-journal—interview-edition.html

Competence Site: http://www.competence-site.de/einterview-zum-virtual-roundtable-offshore-it-entwicklung-chancen-and-risiken-dr-ulrich-dietz

Dietz, U. und K. Stiermann: Global Sourcing von Software-Engineering. In: Beschaffung Aktuell – Organ des Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik e.V. („BME“), Konradin Verlag, 11/2003, pp. 40 – 42

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