Duni Eff a Swedish provider of accounting and finance services with delivery center in Poland joins Deutscher Outsourcing Verband.

EFF was established as an accounting and finance center by the Swedish stock-listed Duni Group in 2005. The project turned out a success for Duni, surpassing expectations by achieving more than 50% cost reduction and improving quality within core functions as well as in other functions. Since 2011 EFF offers its services also to external clients. This business has since grown significantly. EFF fills the gap between traditional local accountants and large-scale outsourcing providers. EFF’s typical clients are international corporations with a turnover between 100 and 2000 MEUR. We provide not only transaction processing services but we also work as trusted advisors. Our clients benefit from our experience and they can thereby minimize project costs and start-up risks.

For a very quick overview about EFF’s capabilities and services, please see here: http://catalogues.duni.com/International/2015/EFFPresentation/

We are very happy to work with Duni Eff in order to strengthen the market opportunities in BPO-FAO in Germany.

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